Detrimental dry running of the mechanical seal may occur if the pump is operated without liquid fill and in the event of a major ingress of gas, a high gas content or the evaporation of the fluid handled. PUMP MANUFACTURERS’ CROSS-REFERENCE U.S. Seal Mfg. 17 Shaft seal As the impeller rotates, the vanes fill with fluid and are forced out of the pump … Jabsco shaft seal SP2701-21 replaces Jabsco seals 92700-0180, SP2700-06 and Perkins 0730110. Before considering this arrangement, it should be established whether a zero-leakage pump such as a canned motor or mag-drive pump would be more suitable for the application. Old pumps used to be fitted with a packing gland or stuffing box with rows of woven fabric packing that were “stuffed in and tightened on the shaft to make a seal, the same as you would see on a shaft … 15 bar and sliding velocities of up to max. Fluids enter your pump through the suction nozzle at the centre of a rotating impeller. A cartridge seal is a pre-assembled package of mechanical seal components. In the case of balanced seal types, a shoulder on the shaft or shaft sleeve ensures that only a portion of the fluid pressure is active as an axial force. In design, a cartridge seal can be a single, double or tandem configuration contained within a gland and built onto a sleeve. 15 m/s. Compared with gland packings, they require less space and no maintenance. Heavy Duty Mechanical If the pump is used in suction lift operation, a barrier fluid line and a lantern ring fitted after the first packing ring ensure that air cannot enter via the packing. Fluids enter your pump through the suction nozzle at the centre of a rotating impeller. Dynamic seal types include gland packings and mechanical seals.See Fig. Packing seldom fails catastrophically, and it can be replaced quickly during scheduled shutdowns. Due to the hydrostatic seals’ operating limitation at low pressures, they have been replaced with hydrodynamic mechanical seals in many nuclear power stations. These shaft seal designs are also called axial or hydrodynamic mechanical seals. Flowserve 6806287 Seal Pump Shaft 5/8 in 5nc46. Only the product-side seal rotates in the pumped fluid but seepage across the seal faces eventually contaminates the barrier lubricant. This process takes into account aspects such as resistance to the fluids handled, temperature and pump pressure. The sealing gap lies between these precisely machined seal faces and is filled with a lubricating film, generally a liquid. Lip seals are generally limited to low pressures and are also poor for thin, non-lubricating liquids. These mechanical seal types are used in the boiling or pressurised water reactors of nuclear power stations and are installed in main coolant pumps to seal extremely high pressures. REPLACEMENTKITS.COM Brand Fits Polaris 700 & 800 Water Pump Mechanical Seal Replaces 3610… However, they can only be used as static sealing elements or to seal areas where slight axial movement is occasionally required. Tandem seals are employed when a high internal pump pressure requires distribution to two mechanical seals. Includes solid silicon carbide seal faces along with SS spring. Because mechanical shaft seal failures are the number one cause of pump downtime, we decided to dedicate this column to mechanical seal basics. 15 Shaft seal: Cooling circuit of a mechanical seal installed in a boiler feed pump. Braided or formed material compressed in stuffing box, • Poor seal for thin liquids, especially at higher pressures, A circular elastomeric seal element in a rigid outer housing, Highly polished faces (one stationary and one rotating) running against each other, • Wide variety of designs and materials for nearly every application, • Higher-end double cartridge seals and gas barrier seals are expensive. where a rotating shaft passes through a stationary housing or occasionally, where the housing rotates around the shaft. Any vessel can easily be retrofitted with a PSS Shaft Seal, and is available for shafts ranging from 3/4” to 6-1/2” (20mm to 150mm). 19 Shaft seal: Control systems for barrier condensate supply in the case of floating ring seals. $71.09 New. ... About the pump lexicon. Looking for FLOWSERVE 3/4 in" Replacement Pump Shaft Seal, 0.406 in Seat Thickness (1R308)? 16 Shaft seal, Fig. Fig. This includes shaft finish, pump/driver alignment, cavitation, and vibration. This is important for all pumps and in the case of centrifugal pumps several sealing options will be available: packings, lip seals, and all types of mechanical seals – single, double and tandem including cartridge seals. This puts high demands on the cleanliness and gas-free condition of the barrier condensate required to prevent the main circuit from being contaminated. The load factor (k) characterises and defines the ratio of the hydraulically unbalanced area (AH) and the seal face area (A).See Fig. A number of elastomers are available for this purpose which react differently in a reference oil with regard to temperatureresistance or swelling properties.See Fig. These O-rings are used for sealing between the shaft sleeves and the shaft, and between the primary ring or the mating ring and the respective components they are connected with. 4 Shaft seal: Water-cooled gland packing. Fig. A key advantage of mechanical seal systems is that the drive shaft and casing are not part of the sealing mechanism (as is the case with packing and lip seals) and are not therefore subject to wear. A low k value results in both an improved lubricating film and a higher leakage rate. Please make sure you have completed all the required fields. To move the gap from its balanced position by 1 μm, an external force of approx. It is therefore necessary to back up the hydrostatic seal with a low-pressure seal that provides sealing to atmosphere. As soon as the shaft stands still, however, the pumping ring/screw has only a throttling effect comparable with a labyrinth gap. Bellow - Type A & B: provides a seal at the shaft. DEMAND U.S. SEAL MFG. The sealing gap width between the stationary component and the rotating component is designed to be as narrow as possible in order to minimise leakage. During use, the lubricating liquid provides a thin, hydrodynamic film between the opposing seal faces, reducing wear and aiding heat dissipation. Provided the pump handles a clean fluid, this barrier fluid is supplied via the pump's discharge nozzle or via an internal bore.See Fig. Static contact seals include O-rings. If the fluid handled is cold, the friction heat is absorbed by the fluid itself. If the shaft protecting sleeve has a hard, wear-resistant surface, this generally has a positive effect on the gland packing’s service life. The design is based on one of the two following principles: sealing by means of a narrow radial gap (parallel to the shaft axis) or a narrow axial gap (at a right angle to the shaft axis). All; The barrier fluid must circulate in order to dissipate the friction heat generated by the seals.See Fig. Unbalanced mechanical seals are used for pressures of up to max. 2) Secondary seals - Which includes Gaskets, o-rings, rubber bellows, PTFE or Flexible Graphite wedge or V-Rings. Unbalanced mechanical seal with stationary spring assembly: this design is used for higher sliding velocities and ensures the springs can reliably fulfil their task (rotary spring assembly would entail a risk of broken springs due to high centrifugal forces). These so-called ‘sealless’ pumps include stationary seals to prevent liquid leakage. Reciprocating pumps pose different sealing problems and usually rely on lip seals or packings. 15 Shaft seal, Fig. This sealing system is therefore less suitable for environmentally harmful fluids handled. Price (High to Low) Price (Low to High) A-Z Z-A Optimally designed pumping rings/screws (thread pitch of the stationary part directed against the pitch of the rotating part) can also generate a back pressure capable of balancing the pump's internal pressure when the pump is running. In these cases a safe, external lubricant may be applied. A very small amount of barrier condensate flows into the pump. 12 Shaft seal: Two mechanical seals in tandem arrangement. Quantity: Generic Shaft Seal 5/8" (Shaft Size) PS-100 7/8" Shaft Seal. This category encompasses all throttling gaps with or without labyrinths, pumping rings/screws and floating ring seals. For example, Type 18 is supplied with a fitting plug, as standard, which provides support to the elastomer bellows prior to fitting these seals. Elastomers which swell less than 10 % in the operating fluid and do not chemically react with the fluid handled are suitable for use as a mechanical seal's secondary seal. 23 Shaft seal, Fig. Grainger's got your back. Packing is economical and commonly used for thick, difficult-to-seal liquids such as resins, tar or adhesives. For differential pressure control (Δp control), the difference between the injection pressure and the inlet pressure is defined. Price $22.00. . Some designs, such as magnetic drive pumps, diaphragm pumps or peristaltic pumps, do not require shaft seals. The gap with which the seal operates may be very narrow, but it is finite, and as such exhibits a considerable leakage rate (p = 160 = 160 bar, n = 1.500 = 1500 rpm; sealing diameter at 260 mm, Q = 800 = 800 l/h). However, the time and costs required to provide the barrier condensate, its treatment and relevant control equipment are substantial. Due its design, proper functioning of the hydrostatic seal as a non-contact seal is only ensured at pressures from 20 bar. The seal arises from the frictional contact between the ‘lip’ and shaft and this is often reinforced by a spring. 10 Ft 1389 at th… Gloves, especially if this is a laboratory pump … Mechanical shaft seal for Koshin STH-50x, KDH-50x, STV-50x, STH-80x, KDH-80x, STV-80x, KTH-50x SEH-50T. These are moulded seals and are defined as "rings with circular cross section made of elastic materials; they seal through the effect of slight bracing during installation, intensified by the operating pressure" according to DIN 3750. 21 Shaft seal: Centrifugal seal using pumping screw sleeves with back-up gland packing as standstill shaft seal, Fig. This leakage is required to reliably dissipate the heat generated by friction from the gap. Packing (also known as shaft packing or gland packing) consists of a soft material, which is often braided or formed into rings. The hardness scale ranges from 0 to 100, 0 being the lowest and 100 the highest hardness unit. A pump shaft seal works on the rotating pump shaft where it passes through the non-rotating housing parts. If a pumping ring/screw is to serve as a pump seal, it needs to be backed up by a contact-type standstill seal. They ensure that the spring-loaded seal component can follow small axial shaft movements. The barrier fluid pressure level then lies between the pressure to be sealed and the atmospheric pressure. This method is particularly important when the fluid's purity cannot be guaranteed at all times. 10 %, and at least 2-3 bar, higher than the pressure of the fluid handled by the pump.See Fig. As is the case with gland packings, clean barrier or flushing fluids (e. g. cleaned by means of cyclone separators) help to keep abrasive particles away from vulnerable seal faces. Size Head Ring Ring Bore Code Notes Pump Nameplate Data Mfg. Quantity: Generic Shaft Seal 7/8" (Shaft Size) Pump Seal PS-381. However, in this situation, it isn’t. Single, unbalanced mechanical seal as a typical example for a centrally arranged, conical single spring: The variant shown here is for "dead end" installation, i.e. This can be messy and in the case of corrosive, flammable, or toxic liquids is often unacceptable. Dayton Pump Seal & O-ring Kit 4JMY8 Type 21 Shaft 3/4" Bore 304 SS. They are only used in main coolant pumps of pressurised water reactors. The packings can be adjusted and are suitable for higher pressures and circumferential speeds than lip seals. The type of seal to be employed depends on the sliding velocity, the pressure to be sealed and the fluid temperature.See Fig. Pump Pump Mfg. Packing seal is the most commonly used type of shaft seal. Unlike gland packings, mechanical seals have a sealing gap which is positioned at a right angle to the shaft axis. You may return to the previous page or As the barrier fluid pressure is higher than the pump pressure, a certain amount of the barrier fluid mixes with the fluid handled inside the pump, so that compatibility between the barrier fluid and the fluid handled should be ensured. Radial/axial motion and misalignment: Most mechanical seals tolerate very little radial movement or misalignment, and little to no axial movement. Repair part for semi-trash and trash pump made by Koshin and as a upgrade to cheap china clones. The gland packing can be operated without cooling for fluid temperatures up to 120 °C. Magnetic filters ensure that the circulated water is absolutely clean. The actual centrifugal seal (fitted as an auxiliary impeller using a liquid ring at the outer diameter) operates contact- and wear-free. DAB Pump Shaft Mechanical Seal Fits DAB Pump Model JET 200M, JET 300M, KH 25/80 AU $40.00 New Grundfos 96511844 Pump Cartridge Replacement Seal Kit for CR 10/15/20 Traditionally, packing was made from leather, rope or flax but now usually consists of inert materials such as expanded PTFE, compressed graphite, and granulated elastomers. The major advantage of floating ring seals is the fact that the components are not in contact. With annual sales revenue of more than € 2.3 billion, the KSB Group is one of the leading suppliers of pumps, valves and service. Our extensive network of resources enables us to locate the right manufacturer and part, every time. As the barrier fluid absorbs the friction heat generated by the two mechanical seals, it must be circulated, i.e. O-rings must be matched to the fluid handled, cover a defined temperature range and provide good ageing resistance. 23 Shaft seal: Heat and oil resistance of elastomers in oil (ASTM oil, No. In both cases the seal housing is provided with fins, at a right angle to the shaft axis (without fan impeller) see Fig. To understand the importance of pump seals, we first have to go back to some pumping basics. 18 Shaft seal: Floating ring seal, Δt control, Fig. 6 Shaft seal: Gland packing, uncooled, with lantern ring for fluids containing solids. 20 Shaft seal: Centrifugal seal (1) with back-up mechanical seal as standstill shaft seal (2), Fig. Thanks to this extremely narrow gap, the leakage rate for mechanical seals is considerably lower than that for shaft seals with radial gaps. Cartridge construction eliminates installation issues such as the need to measure and set spring compression. For this reason, only balanced mechanical seals are employed in high-pressure and high-velocity applications. However, considerable disadvantages arise through wear caused by abrasive fluids (see Abrasion). However, it is important to ensure that the parts do no rub against each other. One of the team will be in touch soon. 22 Shaft seal: Main coolant pump with different shaft seals. If the shaft is often moved axially, such as with many paper refiners, packing is often the only option available. $33.11 New. Seal faces may be separated or held in loose contact during operation by adjusting the gas pressure. The majority of O-rings used on mechanical seals are elastomer rings with a shore A hardness of 70 to 90. Pump Shaft Seals Built for high-speed circulation and dispensing pumps, these seals have a short spring that facilitates speeds up to 10, 000 rpm. Like the shaft seal, the motor is simply a single component of your pump. Jabsco SP2701-21 Shaft Seal for Jabsco 3/4" & 1" Pumps. 2 Shaft seal, Fig. Single Spring Mechanical Pump Shaft Seals are the most common type of pump seal. A defined amount of water flows via the bypass line. how rough or smooth they are) and the sliding velocity. Normally, compression is applied axially to the packing but it can also be applied radially by a hydraulic medium. 7 Shaft seal. 3.7 out of 5 stars (3) Total Ratings 3, $21.95 New. If the k value becomes smaller, the seal face loads are reduced. KSB SE & Co. KGaA uses cookies to be able to optimally design and continually improve its web site. 17 Shaft seal: Mechanical seal, air-cooled by means of a fan wheel. This has an influence on the clearance gap width and the leakage rate at this location. Water Pump seals are high quality, bi-directional, seal designs containing several material benefits and features. The sealing gap width (i.e. The function of the shaft seal is to prevent the high-pressure water from flowing out through this gap and the air entering the pump from this place. Its barrier condensate quantity can be controlled via the barrier condensate's pressure and temperature difference. 12 Shaft seal, Fig. the distance between both seal faces) is influenced by various factors, including the seal faces' surface quality (i.e. removed from the seal cavity, cooled and returned to the seals. 5/8" Shaft Seal (PS-100) Price: $7.28. The pressure must be distributed via an auxiliary system, e.g. The most significant modifications to the original design of single spring seal are the seal faces. For heavy-duty gland packings, leakage water is actually pre-cooled by means of an internally cooled shaft protecting sleeve and a cooling jacket. It was the first designed and became a stapel for industrial pumps. Lip Seals, also known as radial shaft seals, are simply circular elastomeric elements which are held in place against the drive shaft by a rigid outer housing (Figure 2). However, depending on the seal type chosen, the amount of leakagecan vary considerably. In the case of positive pressure, the gland packing is equipped with three to five packing rings. As this hard coating is very thin, shaft protecting sleeves which have undergone such treatment cannot be remachined during servicing. A shaft seal device must be provided. . The floating ring seal consists of several short throttling rings fitted in succession which can move in a radial direction and centre themselves automatically due to the pressure distribution on the ring. 14 Shaft seal, Fig. The suggestion that a seal shaft provides "zero leakage" is therefore misleading. It is composed of bottom liner, packing, water seal ring, water seal pipe and packing gland. Model No. As with gland packings, mechanical seals are available in various designs and configurations to handle diverse operating conditions. Particularly critical are applications in chemical plants and refineries where pumps are frequently employed to handle different types of fluids. Pumps are specially designed and manufactured to cater for a whole range of different applications. 5 Shaft seal, Fig. The shaft seal ring, often also called radial shaft seal ring or lip seal, is a contact-type shaft seal. The barrier liquid must also be compatible with the pumped medium. Multiple lip seal systems have been applied successfully against a variety of viscous, non-abrasive liquids. Shaft seals prevent liquid escaping from a rotating or reciprocating shaft. Lip seals are common throughout the hydraulic industry and can be found on pumps, hydraulic motors, and actuators. It is fitted as a back-up seal for the main seal to prevent leakage (e. g. in the case of hazardous fluids) and to safely and reliably dissipate heat. On throttling gaps and floating ring seals this is achieved in the gap due to fluid friction and due to flow losses when the fluid enters or leaves the gap. Go to next slide - Best Selling. A mechanical seal is simply a method of containing fluid within a vessel (typically pumps, mixers, etc.) The sealing gap is self-adjusting. As long as the pump is in operation or under pressure, barrier water supply must be ensured. The shaft seal is a sealing element which seals the rotating shaft of a centrifugal pump where it passes through the non-rotating pump casing, reducing fluidleakage to atmosphere or the entry of air from outside to a certain level, and keeps wear of the sealing faces as low as possible. However, it is a poor sealing method for thin liquids, especially at higher pressures. Mechanical seals essentially consist of one or more pairs of optically flat, highly polished faces, one stationary in the housing and one rotating, connected to the drive shaft (Figure 3). 10 Shaft seal: Mechanical seal with stationary spring assembly, Fig. In the case of uncooled mechanical seals operated at high temperatures, the temperature in the sealing gap is generally higher than the temperatures in the sealing gaps described so far. The friction losses generated are lower than those of gland packings. O-rings are employed on all the shaft seals described here. These are cartridge-style dual seats with faces designed to be pressurised using an inert gas as a barrier, replacing the traditional lubricating liquid. Thanks to their non-contact nature, these seals can be used for high circumferential speeds and mid-level pressures (30 to 50 bar). They are manufactured at different hardness degrees, specified as shore hardness (A or D). Must be finished in the same manner as the rotary face. A small amount of gas may escape into the product and atmosphere. For both sealing principles, the gaps may either employ a contact or non-contact design.See Fig. Here are examples of where you can find your pump… By continuing to browse the web site you consent to the use of cookies. Flowserve 21-125-04 Seal Pump Shaft 1r439. As connecting components can be easily calculated and designed, their use is widespread. Heat is generated in the shaft seal housing due to friction; depending on the amount produced, it can be dissipated either via convection from the seal housing to the atmosphere or via forced circulation through an externally installed heat exchanger. A cold barrier condensate injected into the seal ensures that hot water from the pump does not escape to the atmosphere (controlled system). Instead of a floating ring seal, a labyrinth seal can also be used. 1-Pump Gasket 1-Seal (PS-3867) PSK-ST4 DEMAND QUALITY . The gap's stiffness is very high at full operating pressure (160 bar).
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