Artists, engineers, and content creators like you are more innovative than ever, and we know how much you rely on your gear to express your creativity. I have not used the mk2 version of these speakers. Mackie HR824 Monitors Customer Review submitted October 18, 2003. 25 March, 2018. Aber auch das erfolgreiche, wenn auch deutlich teurere, Topmodell mit Passiv-Membran-Technik namens Mackie HR824 MK2 hatten wir schon im Test! Fixing a Mackie HR624 monitor that won't turn or switch on, by replacing the fuse and capacitor. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste. (mit einen separaten Verstärker je HT & TT Chassis)!)! I settled on these monitors after auditioning a number of well-known brands, several of which were significantly more expensive than the 824's. Now that my room is acoustically treated, my mixes translate quite well. Sponsored by . The XRs successfully fill a gap in the Mackie monitor range, combining solid construction with an affordable price tag. Also I must say that I suggest you use a subwoofer for bass heavy music. That's a good reference for how it will feel through a club's PA or a nice car stereo. I managed to track down a pair of 824s in my college and had a good listen, and found to my surprise that they're pretty similar to the sound of the 1031s. In a well treated room these monitors sound great, don't be fooled by all the mackie hate. I took a cd to my local store and played it on all the monitors they had available. So I would describe these speakers as honest and clear, but definitely not harsh. Bis zu diesem Auftrag hatte ich versucht, mit Billiglösungen zu leben, doch waren die Resultate meiner Abmischungen auch dementsprechend. Mackie is a well-known and highly regarded audio company. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. These monitors offer amazing low end punch and response, but often times that low end sounds mushy or it overloads home stereos. Tags: active monitors, hi-fi, hi-fi systems review, hr824, Mackie, monitors, NS-10M s, review, studio monitors, XLR. Boy, what a happy surprise! Now the cons: New features, such as a solid aluminum Zero Edge baffle and optimized waveguide help to give the HR824mk2 even more accurate, natural sound reproduction. Mackie HR824 MK2 Studio Aktivmonitor . Sold as-is. It has adjustments for placement in the room, corner, wall or free standing and also +/-2 db at 10khz Shelving. This is ridiculous and the reason Mackies are bashed I believe, because they put out so much bass they mask frequency ranges if used in a room which is not treated properly and the bass sounds muddy, flabby, undefined or whatever pseudo-acronyms people use to describe something sounding ****ty. So Adam Audio A7X tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Mackie XR824, as seen on the chart below. The stereo field is wide, it's flat over the entire frequency spectrum, with a falloff in the sub-bass area (as with most monitors), and everything is represented in a non-hyped manner (no consumer EQ curves, just plan honest monitoring). Mackie hr824. Bestückt ist die Box mit einem 8″-Tieftöner mit Druckgusskorb und einer 1″-Alukalotte, deren Membran in einer Gewebesicke aufgehängt ist. Robert Davis from Johns Creek, GA. October 19, 2020 Music Background: Produce music for advertising. The Mackie HR624 monitors are a well balanced, THX certified, and affordable choice for the home studio user. The HR624's are very nearly pro quality and honestly for certain applications exceed the performance of some other small near-field monitors that have garnered tons of praise amongst home studio users and pros alike. No, the Mackie HR824 does not sound too good to use as a monitor. In my opinion, the 824s give you the pure sound of your recording. 695 (4.5 / 5) Die Mackie HR824-MK2 ist die zweite Version des mittlerweile zum Klassiker gewordenen Vorgängers HR824 und ein aktiver Fullrange-Nahfeldmonitor mit Passiv-Membran-Konzept. I've heard more than one fellow engineer say that they dislike the original Mackie HR824 because of its supposed smiley curve response. Mackie decided it was time to level the playback field. If the mix is too bass-heavy, the NS-10's will distort at low volumes. First, I was quite impressed with how loud and how much low end extension they had. Mackie Designs got their start when a former Boeing engineer Greg Mackie. They sound great enough to be used in not only as mix-critical reference monitors but as living room audiophile speakers. I couldn't disagree more. ease of use.. First, due to the dynamic and deep bass, you are easily fooled into thinking your mix is good, though it isn't. I've often considered upgrading to something more expensive, but after realizing how many great sounding songs and albums been mixed using these, I think the money is better spent on room treatment. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. What I think is lacking in the sound is the mids zone that I feel is very shy. It can be but it will also tell you a lot more about what your music will sound like in the club. MACKIE HR824 High Resolution Biamplified Active Studio Monitor Speakers Paired This is a set of matching Mackie studio monitors both working perfectly and sound great. This passive radiator, which is composed of an aluminum honeycomb composite, is used in place of the traditional ports found on most bass reflex style cabinets. Back in the ’90s, our HR Series studio reference monitors revolutionized studio monitoring. Post navigation. Some of the higher studios use these and most of the lower end to home studio. El precio actual en la calle de las Mackie HR 824 MK2 esta al momento de este review en 1.400 – euros, lo que me parece razonable para un par de monitores de estudio de este tamaño, rendimiento y calidad. Some afterthoughts - it was a great pleasure to mix "at far" on some 15-inch speakers, probably paper, just because there is that much more sound in the room, but 7-inch well amplified Adam P11A outperformed bigger Event 20/20, KRK V8 (on which I couldn't eq), JBL LSR 4326P (these sound dull and not revealing even when compared to Event 20/20 BAS), and Adam P11A is very well on par with bigger Mackie HR824 and Genelec 8040, if not sounding more solid overall, especially when the mix gets busy. Very rich and wide in bandwidth middle frequencies and bass, but high frequencies need to be "pushed" through the heavier metal tweeter and a lot of times because of that the high-hat sounds like "SH" instead of "S", that pushing also resulted in ear fatigue and shorter sessions. We hope you love our reviews fellow musicians! I would not have them as a single pair due to the slightly retracted mid zone. Online Guides. The one main disadvantage was that they simply won't be safe on most monitor stands, as they are quite big! October 17, 2016 By Barking Drum. There was always a problem with the low-end and over compression. The Mackie HR824 monitors are beautiful sounding monitors. HR824 MK2 studio monitors by mackie are a always on point. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! On other monitors the mix will sound crappy all the time and if it sounds ok it will sound amazing anywhere else. I had them on my desk for a long while as near-fielders, and they do deliver a lot for the money. von Andrey23, 27.12.06. While these monitors can go really deep it's still a different thing with a sub. Pros Excellent build quality. Home Recording can be very complicated. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Adam Audio A7X is a more popular studio monitor, based on its 50+ reviews. I have a good room that is large and well treated with no acoustic issues. Youtube. The Mackie HR824mk2 is an active two-way studio monitor, perfect for stereo or surround mixing applications. I was floored. In a word, "clean". I heard things coming out of the music that I had never heard before - some that I didn't want to hear, but needed to hear. This translates to a slightly harsh sound on many home and car stereos. The bass response is solid and they have a great sweet spot. Review of Mackie HR824, Genelecs 8040, Adam P11A, Event 20/20 BAS (powered), KRK V8, and JBL LSR 4326P powered monitors. Bang meets buck - with an HR heritage by Chris Loeffler T he Mackie HR series of monitors was (and continues to be) a wildly popular studio line for Mackie, and there are tens of thousands of them working in studios and work spaces around the world. The launch of Mackie into the Near Field Monitors. I was in the middle of mixing a project with a deadline when my power amplifier fried and at the same time I noticed that my old speakers were breaking down as well. I bought a goldpoint attenuator and now they are a breeze.. having a KNOB volume control is a must for me... this allows me to leave the attenuators on the mackies at full so the balance is right all the time. Phone Hours | Active Monitor Mackie HR824: 381 images, 20 user review(s), 1 file to download and 1 video 4.5 stars based on . The Loud Technologies company was formed i… Quick Links. I bought them for my studio new many years ago. Bespoke foam isolation pads included. mackie hr824 mk2 keIth hoLLAnD Figure 2a, 2b. Shares. They go really low, play LOUD and handles a lot of abuse at the expense of some dynamics ( limiters inside with the onboard amp ). Technik Die Mackie HR824 Mk2 ist ein Aktivlautsprecher, der mit einem 22 … Das sind sie m.E. First when I got them I was disappointed. Mackie stellt mit dem HR624 einen kleinen aktiven Studio-Monitor vor, der durch guten Klang und THX-Zertifikation überzeugen kann. Event 20/20 BAS sound very flat (uncolored) and with good frequency response, this is due to their materials being silk tweeter and light but sturdy polypropylene woofer, both easy to move with acoustic instruments but also easy to overload with anything heavy (Rammstein sounded overloaded at pretty much any volume). Do not waste time and sound with any other! Back in the ’90s, our HR Series studio reference monitors revolutionized studio monitoring. I've had a pair of these for about two years now. it's the 3rd article on the bottom. Nice punch, clear mids, crisp highs - that aren't brittle or harsh (not fatiguing). The 824 Monitor Just Got Better! I have bought my Mackies HR-824 in 1998. Mackie XR824 8" Professional Studio Monitors. Dave B. They were quite an upgrade from the "home" speakers that I had been using. Clients would always either say the bass is too loud, or the mix is too thin. This new design is fantastic and the sound they produce is almost identical to my original pair of HR824's. Whearas the newer Mackie HR824’s are rated at 250-Watts with a total output of 112-114dB @ one meter! Review of Mackie HR824, Genelecs 8040, Adam P11A, Event 20/20 BAS (powered), KRK V8, and JBL LSR 4326P powered monitors. These monitors have a lot of bass and go pretty deep and this is in my opinion one of the main reasons that these monitors don't work for most of the people, but I will get to that later. Fabulous! You can easily look up their specs so I will skip that and move to the points which I found out in my personal usage which could be more interesting than me copy and pasting their specifications. more excitement would be nice but they are working for me just fine. Now the company have finally launched a pair of successors, in the form of the HR824 Mk2 and the HR624 Mk2. This again is the reason they are bashed a lot. TheD­SP­pro­ject. Don't forget the HRS 120 sweet---- water !! Before that you will really run into trouble and even in a treated room I know monitors which can do that better. (14.77 kg) Mackie presents Active Nearfield Monitors HR824 Mk2.If you are on the lookout for studio monitors or studio and recording equipment in general, then this may be a fitting choice. Both the HR624 and the HR824 can be used in conjunction with Mackie's own optional HRS120 subwoofer to make up a full-range stereo or surround system — for a stereo system, left and right speaker feeds can be looped through the subwoofer. Be aware that these monitors are revealing but on different levels than others. They still sound fantastic and they have maintained the flat response for which they are famous. With two models featuring Bluetooth® streaming and all featuring convenient front-panel controls like a headphone out, Mackie Creative Reference™ monitors deliver professional sound quality and features perfect for work, play and everything in between. (Mackie claims the HR824 is flat down to 39hZ where a typical subwoofer will be able to reach down to 30, 25 and even 20hZ). Hi @ all. I thought, especially since I was really inexperienced, that THX meant that I was going to have incredible dynamics and sound. Ca. The HR824 in action really is a revelation. Yamaha DM1000 Digital Production Console. They were surely fun to use and I felt, obliviously, confident. So I thought a good place to start would be my monitors.. They came in two well packaged boxes and they are quite heavy for their size. Was it any good? P11A - Archive | ADAM Audio GmbH (while ribbons are pretty much the same, except size, and they are exceptionally clean-clear sounding, but can also be rich and wide in bandwidth after their 1.8 KHz crossover frequency; kind of like a vinyl record). Do you own the Mackie HR824 MK2? Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. So naturally, when we heard that Mackie was relaunching the MR series with three new offerings — the Mackie MR524, Mackie MR624, and Mackie MR824 — we jumped at the chance to review them. I have a pair of them that I have been using for a few years now and as a TOOL to get the job done, they work well. One has small dents in the center cone as pictured and someone also used a black marker to touch up tiny scratch marks on the top of the cabinet but otherwise great shape and work 100% Comes with two power cords only. Mackie Creative Reference™ Multimedia Monitors deliver studio-quality design and performance ideal for multimedia creation and entertainment. Summary of Contents for Mackie HR824. Also, these things can go LOUD, Read about them on ProRec, and after I've installed them I can join Rip's club, "You are welcome to try to pry them from my cold dead fingers". They sound almost as detailed as other speakers I've heard costing ten times as much. But then I saw a second hand pair of HR824s going on ebay pretty cheaply, and I've heard a lot of bashing of 824s on here, so I was a bit cautious of bidding. PRO as can be. It is a little hard to describe as they can sound really awful, if the sound source is bad or your mix, but you have to listen to a lot of reference stuff to know how a really good mix should sound on them and believe me it should sound amazing, don't stop before that! Features. Please review my 100% positive feedback and long history of selling on eBay. Some more expensive (tri-amplified) Adams sounded great and clean with vocals and acoustics, felt like Phil Collins was in the room with us, but once we switched to tracks with heavy 909 drum kicks and a load of Jupiters and 303's, something called Hexacone woofer couldn't handle the punch as well as lower-priced models with Nomex cones, such as P11A. these demonstrate the ability of the loudspeaker to radiate effectively at other angles other than on-axis. I purchased a pair of HR824mk2 a few months ago. All in all though, I've found they sound absolutely great for what I want and have found that my mixes have been translating really well since I got them. I really like all the switches on the back also, you can fine tune the sound depending on the placement in your own space. Show all. 13 customer reviews HR824 Reviews Sort By Date Sort By Rating Write Your Review. i bought these used for 500.00 for the pair and could not be happier for the $$. mixes also sound good in cars. The 824s are the best in their price range, and even several times over, in my opinion. Board-Mitarbeiter. List of mackie speakers, user reviews, editorial reviews, mackie speakers deals, used mackie speakers and more - I like the auto power feature where incoming signal "wakes" the monitors the variety of sound and room positioning adjustments. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. The bottom line: If I can get a mix to sound good on HR824s and NS-10s, I can be 100% confident that it will sound good anything. 4.5 stars based on . Reading up on it before, SOS and other pro-magazine reviews, I decided it was time for something totally different. Short and sweet - amazing clarity, through all frequency ranges, Low end definition is exceptionally impressive. 5.0 out of 5 stars 824 is a great speaker. Im Einzeltest bei AMAZONA hatten wir bislang nur die kleine Schwester HR624 Mk2, nun folgt das große Modell. They are smoother than most other monitors in the same class, and a lot better than similarly priced consumer stereo equipment. These are the best monitor for all applications,ie: Home Theater 5.1 , 6.1 , 7.1 also well suited for studios needing the same in monitoring. They play very loud and most of all they handle transients really well. They offered 150 watts for the low freq 8,75" driver and 100 watts for the high frequency 1" viscous edge-damped aluminum dome. I'm very happy with them, the only problems I've had so far are that I find the volume control on them is a bit hit or miss, would be nice to have a knob instead, as such small increments make a massive change when turning them up or down; and that the auto-on switch can be pretty annoying if you're doing something particularly quiet, as they don't turn on until you turn them up pretty far, and then pop when they do turn on. Mackie OWNER'S MANUAL HIGH RESOLUTION ACTIVE STUDIO MONITOR HR824. Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2013. Bang meets buck - with an HR heritage by Chris Loeffler T he Mackie HR series of monitors was (and continues to be) a wildly popular studio line for Mackie, and there are tens of thousands of them working in studios and work spaces around the world. Mackie presents Active Nearfield Monitors HR824 Mk2.If you are on the lookout for studio monitors or studio and recording equipment in general, then this may be a fitting choice. Mackie HR824 Active Studio Monitor (Single) Visit the Mackie Store. Thank you for your request. Mackie HR824 MKII Review. The calibration certificates claim a very flat response, but there seems to be slight dip at around 4 kHz. I've heard more than one fellow engineer say that they dislike the original Mackie HR824 because of its supposed smiley curve response. Their audio gurus got to work, combining their hard-won expertise to design a monitor that would at last make great sound accessible to the masses. This also had an effect on "loudness" when "mastering". The EAW Design Team well known for the roll that they play in Loud Technologiesbrought to the table their expertise and helped to greatly improve this monitor system. A low-frequency acoustic space control makes it easy to tailor the sound to your space. Read user reviews for Mackie HR824 and see over 325,000 product reviews at The claim is -3 dB @ 37Hz and its a fact that I never needed any sub to go with them in my small 13 square meter room. I now have SIX individual Mackie HR824/HR824mk2 anechoic frequency response calibration graphs, and all are very smooth with slightly different but gentle output … Mastering with EQ is much easier than with other "colored" monitors. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red button below to see if it fits your music taste. since buying I have upgraded my converters and a few mic pre's. Der HR824 stammt aus Mackies High Resolution Monitor-Baureihe, die insgesamt drei Monitore und einen Subwoofer umfasst. Also play drums, guitar and perform vocals. Trying to describe with words how something sounds is like the old tale about the four blind men and the elephant: By By Daniel Keller Published: 09/01/2003 . Mackie HRS120 Matched Subwoofer. View and Download Mackie HR824 owner's manual online. Making things easier in the multi-format age. 595,00 €* +-In den Warenkorb . Perhaps these engineers have become accustomed to monitors that lack the original HR's or mk2's very extended lows-much more than other speakers of similar size. These monitors also go down very low thanks to a passive radiator. In another word, "honest". The 824s definitely are a huge part of that. Recently, I picked up a pair of used Yamaha NS-10s. But I use a desk, so that's fine. Adam P11A came out as a mixture of clarity across the frequency range and presence of the sound in the sweet spot, however there is a great deal of difference among Adam models as well, due to different woofer materials being used.
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