The Blade 100L packs the signature technologies and features of the new Blade V7.0 series in a lighter, more maneuverable frame. I also liked the feel. My experience, on my higher pace rally balls. Dit zorgt voor goede feedback en veel balgevoel. As I did with my groundstrokes, I had some problems with depth control, especially off my forehand side. They provided an easy amount of depth in the, Basically, if you feel like you have a low to medium level ability to generate pace then you’ll want to go with the, Just keep in mind, that is not to say that I can’t adjust to that over time. And the control isn’t actually bad with the 16×19. Mark: 5.0 lefty all-court player with a one-handed backhand. It also suits players that have a more traditional flat a game using Eastern grips and driving the ball but to be provided with the safety margins they may not receive from tight patterns and even more control frames. The 2019 update does not disappoint. Before I switch to the Gravity pro, as well as playing with a little bit of the BLX in the 2015 versions, I feel like I should have a decent idea of what the Wilson blade v7 is about. This was great when I was able to step into the court and take the ball above net level. Today I’ll be reviewing and comparing the Wilson Blade v7 for both, the 16×19 and the 18×20 patents. If I were demoing this racquet I would also try out the Head Graphene 360 Radical S, even though it's a standard-length racquet, and the Volkl V-Feel 4. De Blade is ontworpen voor modern en agressief spel en biedt veel controle voor aanvallende spelers. Lastly, if there was one shot from the baseline I loved to hit the most with this racquet, it would be the forehand. It generally feels fantastic throughout the streambed on impact is much more desired in the 18×20, however, the six points of extra swing, it may be too much for some people to handle and the Wilson blade v7 16×19, and it can be fixed with just a little bit of extra weight. However, when keeping everything in check, I found this racquet to work very well. The Blade 104 V7 rackets feature the luxury addition of a 104 sq. Also, if you’re used to having a dampener on your racquet, try removing. And unless you want to put that in yourself, you won’t create those drastic level changes visually for your opponent like you would with the pure strike. ", Mark - "I will still compare older examples of the Blade 104 with the new Blade 104 v7, but I must say there is a vast difference in the angle the ball jumps off the string bed. The sweet spot is more than enough for any player having off-center shots don’t feel harsh and doesn’t bring out any stiffer qualities and its flex. The Wilson blade v7 16×19 could also easily use some type of weight, but having either stock or customizing it did not have as much of a detriment to my game as the 18×20 didn’t stop for. Comments: This is an update from prior review last September. Brittany: Open level player with a semi-western forehand and a two-handed backhand. When we tested the 100L some readers sent messages and wished we test-played the softer Blade 104. So for serves, I would give the edge to the 18X20. The most popular frame in Wilson's Blade series, the Blade 98 (16x19) V7.0 now features FeelFlex to connect players with the ball unlike ever before. The most striking change is the 16x19 string pattern (versus the 18x19 of past iterations). Wilson Blade 101 L V7.0 is ideal for Improving players who want a fast racket with controllable power and great feel. Our playtesters found easy power and depth with the Wilson Blade 104 v7 thanks to the new 16x19 string pattern. Our Review . I also like to use the backhand slice quite a bit, and longer frames with tight string patterns best complement that shot, so I am always a bit concerned about keeping the slice low with an open patterned stringbed. I hit flatter groundstrokes and usually prefer tighter string patterns, so I have issues controlling the depth of my shots with this racquet. ", The serve was also Tiffani's favorite stroke to hit with this racquet. Copyright © Tennis Warehouse. ", Chris agreed with Brittany and Tiffani, adding, "The Blade 104 v7 was a very easy racquet to use at net. About the Reviewer: Matt Locke formerly served for 3 years as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho. It’s not as muted as the Countervail, but in comparison to most of the latest models out today, I would consider these racquets to be more on the muted side. You need to add any weight to the group unless you get one that’s severely under the average spec range. For me, using the Wilson blade v7 16×19 combined with its launch angle was giving me too much height and I was even playing more than I usually would. They lost some of the control they enjoyed from the tighter string pattern and found themselves aiming for bigger targets on almost every stroke. That being said, they were looking for a little more control at times. If you swing fast for your groundstrokes, you’ll be rewarded with a medium spin pace at a high level of consistency. Another notable spec difference is the drop in stiffness from 66 RA to an extremely comfortable 60 RA. If you’re a flat hitter, then you’re going to want that free margin. Bot racquets have a much nicer and more noticeable flex in the countervail versions. This evolution of the Clash line's technology produces a more connected feel while adding stability and flexibility. It also provides a solid, connected feel without sacrificing comfort. I had no trouble getting the racquet going and into position even on the fastest of first serves. However, I had to aim for bigger targets to play it safe on my return. Well, the levels that hover around high intermediate to advanced, you’re going to want to beef up that swing weight just a little bit to handle some of those opponents who can really hit out. While it still retains the streamlined green design, this Blade v7 is also visually different as … So if compared to other similar racquets in this category, the extreme tour, and the gravity tour, they have a bit more of an edge in terms of power to the Wilson blade v7  18×20 provided a similar ball in terms of speed, but the trajectory was coming lower and would more often land in the opponent’s hitting zone, which makes it easier for them to hit, for a flat out winner type of shot. He commented, "There was enough power in the Blade 104 v7 to get into trouble if I was reckless with my return swings. Hieronder een overzicht van de 5 nieuwe Blade modellen met specificaties. The result was a more predictable and reliable serve, along with a higher degree of comfort relative to prior iterations of this frame. When I didn't, I saw my returns go long. Het 100 sq/inch racketblad geeft een goede mix van power, controle en spin. If you’re really bothered by the muted sensations two ways you can improve it. Wilson blade v7 Racquet full review Feel and stiffness. The, If you’re new to what is considered to be a more advanced racquet, I think the, Obviously, the stability is a non-issue with the, It generally feels fantastic throughout the streambed on impact is much more desired in the 18×20, however, the six points of extra swing, it may be too much for some people to handle and the, Finally, with the maneuverability, newer players introduced to a more head-heavy orientated racquet may struggle a little bit more with both racquets, but I think that the, HEAD PRESTIGE MP Graphene 360+ Racquet 2020 Review, Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racquet Review 2020. The Blade 104 still features an extended 27.5" length, as well as Wilson's signature Power Holes and Parallel Drilling technologies. … De Wilson Blade collectie bestaat uit rackets voor diverse type spelers. Obviously, they differ in string patterns. Tiffani had nothing but positives when it came to volleying. The Wilson Blade tennis rackets are known to feature a brilliant combination of comfort and performance. The 21-millimeter beam does allow you to cut through the air regardless of the swing weight on both. This ended up being a great combination for my game. Chris - "I love that easy power, spin and great comfort.". The Wilson blade v7 16×19 was just okay with stability. I thought the comfort level of the Blade 104 v7 was excellent, and the overall response was very forgiving. Our Review . But one question that gets a lot of people stuck is which string pattern they should buy. One is by using a really crisp string, something with a very sharp profile, like a Tour Bite or Volkl cyclone. Hands up if you love hitting with tons of topspin! If you are having quarrels with deciding what you need, you may be better off choosing this one as it provides mostly with what you need in stock form. Mark has plenty of experience with the Blade line, especially with the 104-square-inch versions. But the biggest difference between the two is the swing weight with a 16×19 averaging 328 and the 18×20 averaging 334, where the countervail versions did not differ. For me the real standout feature of the Blade v7 is the plush feel and the ball pocketing. The racquet was easy to maneuver, and I didn't have to do much to punch volleys deep. It felt comfortable and stable in most instances, and I only noticed a slight flutter when hitting really high up in the stringbed. This version of the Blade 104 departs from its control-oriented roots and delivers plenty of pace, spin and depth with its updated 16x19 string pattern. On the Volleys, I don’t think that either of them has felt too cumbersome. She said, "I was shocked at how easily this Blade 104 v7 maneuvered at net. All Rights Reserved. Speaking of trajectory, that brings us to the spin potential and launch angle. Length: 27,5in / 69,9cm. Mark - "I like the easy power and spin I can generate with the Wilson Blade 104 v7. I think you get a good enough amount for an eighteen to twenty pattern. I did struggle somewhat with my slice serves, and I needed to be certain that I was swinging completely through my motion. Obviously, the stability is a non-issue with the Wilson blade v7 18×20 coming in at a very high stakes swing weight and is highly unlikely. The downside of most long racquets is that they can feel unwieldy at the net. ", Chris loved the pace he was getting when serving with the Blade 104 v7. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wilson 2019 Blade 98 V7 Strung Tennis Racquet - 16x19 - Quality String at Review date: November 2019. I enjoyed the comfortable response, and the racquet felt softer than previous versions. ", Brittany - "There is not enough control or precision when I’m playing points. The most popular frame in Wilson's Blade series, the Blade 98 (16x19) V7.0 tennis racquet now available at Tennis Warehouse Australia now features FeelFlex to connect players with the ball unlike ever before. Likes. Otherwise, you might find yourself dumping it or retreating without enough spin. Wilson blade 101L tennis racket is a suitable racket for every player who wants to top in the tennis game. Brittany's experience with returning was similar to her groundstrokes. I definitely received some extra free points off my first serve. Speaking of trajectory, that brings us to the spin potential and launch angle. Mark found success starting off points with his serve. I just don't typically use enough topspin to control this racquet. ", Chris - "This Blade 104 v7 was more forgiving, spin-friendly and powerful compared to previous versions. However, when stepping up and attempting to place the ball toward the lines to get my opponent moving off the court, I often missed my target. ", Tiffani - "The launch angle of this Blade 104 v7 is too high for me. I felt like I had better control over the ball on a more compact stroke like a volley, and the launch angle wasn't as prevalent. Artikelnummer 00704703480000; Productlijn Wilson - Blade Type product Tennisrackets Verdere productsoort Tourracket Bladgrootte (cm²) 645 Rackethoes Nee Snarenpatroon 16/19 Gewicht zonder snaren, in g … They’re both really nice to hit with, but people would consider more towards the muted side. The new 16x19 string pattern caused the ball to have a pretty high trajectory, and a lot of my groundstrokes were landing well past the baseline at the beginning of the playtest. The countervail version was pretty unreliable and serves until you added the extra weight and once you did, it became a very good serving racquet. Balance: 32,99cm / 6 pts HL. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ", Chris - "I love that easy power, spin and great comfort. Moving on to power, the Wilson v7 blades are not really powerful by any means. Tennis players are creatures of habit. Wilson's Blade 98 16x19 v7 Tennis Racquet represents a bold new direction for the Blade franchise. Dit maakt de Wilson Blade 26 een uitstekende keus voor de goede jeugdspeler die wilt doorgroeien. Currently playing with the Prince Textreme Tour 100P (2015). He concluded, "To a degree, the extra length made up for the fact that this racquet is pretty light for me. ", Tiffani - "Wilson really took a big turn with the Blade 104 v7. ", "Once again, I was happy with how maneuverable this racquet felt despite its extended length," said Tiffani.
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