You must proofread your work and carefully check and correct it for errors. NSW K-12 English Glossary. Throughout the stages of drafting and revising students experiment with various figurative, rhetorical and linguistic devices, for example allusion, imagery, narrative voice, characterisation, and tone. Some Module C texts are reflections about the craft of writing while others demonstrate it. Available now. This session focuses on helping you to stay focused on the module. Module C texts are prescribed but the types of texts are not limited and there is more choice here than in the other modules. Students consider purpose, audience and context to deliberately shape meaning.”. During the study of Module C, you should keep notes of the stylistic features and structures that you encounter in all of your texts so you can be prepared for any eventuality. Module C: The Craft of Writing (10 hours) Students strengthen and extend their knowledge, skills and confidence as accomplished writers. Module C: The Craft of Writing. Human Experiences in Texts. “Module C is designed with the purpose of making you a better writer.”. Learn more about Matrix+ English Courses now. Module C: The Craft of Writing teaches you the craft by having you analyse and imitate model texts. These assessments would each be worth 30% and 10% of that mark would be allocated to components relevant to the Craft of Writing. - Colum McCann. However, unlike other Modules where you explore texts to understand their meaning or themes, in The Craft of Writing you will look at how texts have been constructed. To be honest, this is a little difficult to understand, isn’t it? Love and Honour... - Nam Le . To get a better sense of how different and to see what you will need to do, let’s look at these statements and discuss them in clear English. The Craft of Writing ... "Donkey" The Craft of Writing English Standard Not a Prescribed Text Suggested Resource NESA Program. Retrieved from, NSW Education Standards Authority. Let’s take a look at what this means and what flexibility NESA has given your schools and teachers. The selection of texts for Module C: The Craft of Writing for the English Standard and English Advanced courses may be drawn from any types of texts and do not contribute to the prescribed text requirements. Module C: The Craft of Writing’s purpose is to help you become a better writer. It has been designed to fulfil the requirements of the NSW Stage 6 English Year 12 Module C: The Craft of Writing.. Broadly speaking, the role of the student is to develop and refine their writing skills, whether that be creative, discursive, persuasive or otherwise. Finding inspiration for the discursive in the prescribed texts. The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka. Prescribed Texts we teach George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four Standard & Advanced Module C: The Craft of Writing. Assessment: HSC Course only . The point of this is that a different purpose and a different audience require a different approach to writing. English Advanced Compilation (All Module C prescribed texts for Advanced) VIEW. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Module C: Craft of Writing Throughout the entire year, students will be provided resources on how to perfect each requirement of this module: Creative, Discursive, Persuasive and Reflection writing. Overall, the topic discussed in the text is about wearing a corset. You need to produce a text in a form of your own choosing that is inspired by the ideas presented in the quotation. Study Notes . 2Jun, 2019 . Included in this book is a selection of 20 prescribed texts from the Year 12 Module C course. One of the hardest parts of English in Years 11 and 12 is becoming a better writer. But to become a rounded communicator, you need to learn how to write in forms other than essays – imaginative, discursive, persuasive, and informative. Even if this isn’t part of your prescribed texts, we highly recommended a read for your own understanding. Module C: The Craft of Writing Optional: This module may be studied concurrently with the common module and/or Modules A and B 30 : Text requirements. Topic Content . Are you unsure of what it’s about and how it’s assessed? As well as editing for style and techniques, you must edit for spelling and correct grammar. Welcome to English Standard Module C, The Craft of Writing. Writing is not a static process. Students write for a range of audiences and purpose s using language to convey ideas and emotions with power and precision. Your writing needs to be produced through a structured process. Similarly, if you have to write an academic essay, you don’t want to adopt the style of a newspaper editorial. Ms Sherlock encouraged members to expose students to more than the required two texts from the list of prescribed text, for their value as rich exemplars of writing. Through the study of enduring, quality texts of the past as well as recognised contemporary works, students appreciate, analyse and evaluate the versatility, power and aesthetics of language. © 2020 Matrix Education. • Section III: Module C: Craft of Writing (20 marks) o There will be one question. ... Notes on Prescribed Texts. Use this sentence as a stimulus for the opening of an imaginative, discursive or persuasive piece of writing that begins with the end. WSU. Read our cookies statement. Prescribed Texts. Tim Winton's The Boy Behind the Curtain Study Guide 7 Chapters as Mandated by NESA. In part one, we will help you to review the requirements of this module. Year 12 English Advanced. They write for a range of authentic audiences and purposes to convey ideas with power and increasing precision. “Then, although it was still the end of the story, I put it at the beginning of the novel, as if I needed to tell the end first in order to go on and tell the rest.”, Lydia Davis, The End of the Story: A Novel (2019). This blog post offers an overview of the Prescribed Texts for Standard English Module C, 'The Craft of Writing'. o The question may contain up to two parts. This is the method at heart of Module C. You need to evaluate how composers represent things in their texts. Available now. In this module, students strengthen and extend their knowledge, skills and confidence as accomplished writers. The idea behind this Module is that you will learn how to develop your own texts by deconstructing, analysing, and imitating the texts of others. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. 3. Module A - Language, Identity and Culture (Standard) / Textual Conversations (Advanced) Module B remains unchanged aside from new prescribed texts. Module C – Ideas for The Craft of Writing – Discursive, Imaginative, Informative and Persuasive. Module C: The Craft of Writing. Note: Students may revisit prescribed texts from other modules to enhance their experiences of quality writing. When we talk about the purpose” of writing, we mean what you are trying to achieve through what you write. You might write a new scene in a text, explore something from another character’s perspective, or write a newspaper article about an event in a text. NSW Department of Education. BUY ACCESS. Instead, they draft and redraft their work, starting with something rudimentary and then reworking it into something crafted and powerful. Writing is a process of experimentation and iteration. You must write a text that “begins with the end,” embodying the sentiment from the quotation from Lydia Davis’s text. ... Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences - Section 2 11 Sub Topics . The different types of texts you will need to produce are: The Craft of Writing differs significantly from other Modules in the number and manner that students engage with texts. In this module, students will explore a range of texts, including the prescribed text Billy Elliot, which will deepen their understanding of how texts represent individual and collective human experiences. Knox Grammar School – Our website uses cookies to provide you with a better browsing experience. a. Sample Responses. Produce a first draft with the knowledge that it will likely be poor, Review your first draft and develop its strong aspects and discard its weak aspects, Redraft your first draft into a second draft, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter saga was inspired by Arthurian Legends, Harrower, Elizabeth, ‘The Fun of the Fair’, Le, Nam, ‘Love and Honour and Pity and Pride and Compassion and Sacrifice’, McCann, Colum, ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking’, McCann, Colum, ‘What Time Is It Now, Where You Are?’, Mistry, Rohinton, ‘The Ghost of Firozsha Baag’, Garner, Helen, ‘How to Marry Your Daughters’•, Hustvedt, Siri, ‘Eight Days in a Corset’•, Orwell, George, ‘Politics and the English Language’•, Atwood, Margaret, ‘Spotty-Handed Villainesses’, Pearson, Noel, ‘Eulogy for Gough Whitlam’, Stevens, Wallace, ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’, Tennyson, Alfred Lord, ‘The Lady of Shallot’. In addition, you will have a question on Module C for your HSC, and most likely, your HSC Trial Exams. Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences Weekly feedback allows students to perfect their essays that draws links between their prescribed texts and human experiences, and unseen text papers are provided to maximise performance in Paper 1 Section 1. Writers on Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”,,,,,,,,,,,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, Explores an issue or an idea and may suggest a position or point of view, Approaches a topic from different angles and explores themes and issues in a style that balances personal observations with different perspectives, Uses personal anecdotes and may have a conversational tone, Primarily uses first person although third person can also be used, Uses figurative language or may be more factual, Draws upon real life experiences and/or draws from wide reading, Uses engaging imagery and language features, Begins with an event, an anecdote or relevant quote that is then used to explore an idea, Resolution may be reflective or open-ended. At least FOUR PRESCRIBED TEXTS, one drawn from EACH of the following categories: 1. This is achieved by studying a wide array of texts and appreciating what makes the text culturally significant, unique and … “In this module, students strengthen and extend their knowledge, skills and confidence as accomplished writers.”. Common Module Texts and Human Experiences Resources. This task is challenging in comparison to the other two. In Junior years, you learn how to analyse texts and understand grammar and its usage. This is to say, that it is a continuous process of planning, drafting, revising, redrafting, etc. “During the pre-writing stage, students generate and explore various concepts through discussion and speculation.”. Assessments for The Craft of Writing can be part of assessments for other Modules. Students are required to closely study four prescribed texts, one drawn from each of the following categories: • Shakespearean drama • prose fiction • poetry OR drama . imaginative piece of writing, responding to Question 1 below. Working as part of a group will enable you to gain feedback and be exposed to the ideas and writing of others. (a) Choose a character, persona or speaker from ONE prescribed text that you have studied in Module C. Express the thought processes of this character, persona or speaker by exploring a moment of tension in the text from an alternative point of view. Evaluating the prescribed texts for English Advanced as starting points for writing craft. All Rights Reserved. The more you understand how great texts work, the more you can apply their techniques and structures in your own writing. What Time Is It Now, Where You Are? Great writers don’t spit out the first draft and get it published. These are conscious and planned decisions. NSW Department of Education. Student support resource to support preparation for the HSC – English Advanced Module C – The Craft of writing. The selection of texts for Module C: The Craft of Writing may be drawn from any types of texts and do not contribute to the pattern of prescribed texts for the course. School assessments for Module C must total 25%. This is part one of a three part series. The Awakening - Kate Chopin. In the study of this module, teachers are required to teach TWO of the Prescribed Texts. In your writing, make reference to the stylistic features or literary devices that you have explored in your prescribed texts for Module C. (10 marks) b) Justify the creative choices that you have employed within your response referencing the influence of the original prescribed text on your composition. The only way this will work is by experimenting with different structural, figurative and linguistic aspects of your writing. As a student, you should reflect on this and think about how it can dictate the processes and focus of your own writing. Bianca Hewes Blog. Expand. Our Mission. You must use the quotation as a stimulus for the task, also. o The question may contain up to two parts. (15 Marks) Each one of these purposes will require a different form or structure. It has been heavily revamped with the new syllabus and is now more of a skills-based module. You will have practice and guidance writing in both non-fiction and fiction modes. Students write for a range of audiences and purposes using language to convey ideas and emotions with power and precision. Join 75,893 students who already have a head start. This means you may not have a term or block of study dedicated to it. Module C – The Craft of Writing English Studies Toggle Dropdown. Online Membership Application - State Library, Mind Maps for note taking and brainstorming, The Aboriginal 8 Ways of Learning Pedagogy, HSC Common Module - Texts and Human Experiences, English Standard Module A - Language, Identity and Culture, Standard Module B: Close Study of Literature, English Advanced Module A: Textual Conversations, Advanced Module B: Critical Study of Literature, Hewes, B. Module C: The Craft of Writing teaches you the craft by having you analyse and imitate model texts. This question could take a variety of forms and have multiple parts. Matrix+ will help you refine your Mod C writing skills and learn how to wow your readers. Module C: The Craft of Writing > Writing Resources Study Module C - Texts and Society. (8 marks) Question 10: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings . Both Advanced and Standard students study this module, but their prescribed texts for basis and analysis are different. Nonfiction, film or media OR one of the categories above The two short prescribed texts studied for Module C: The Craft of Writing do not contribute to the required pattern of prescribed texts for the course. Prescribed text: The Crucible by Arthur Miller and ONE student selected related texts. Friday, January 19, 2018 Advanced Module C: The Craft of Writing This blog post offers an overview of the Prescribed Texts for the Advanced English 'Craft of Writing' module. If you took the plot, characters, and stylistic features of another’s work and recreated them exactly or with only minor changes, that would be plagiarism. The first stage of producing a piece of work is planning it out and exploring ideas. Writers become better writers by using other writers and their texts as models for their own work. Rather than studying texts to interpret them, you will study texts in order to learn how to compose your own. We explain how to address the NESA rubric objectives and explore the types of assessments you may face throughout the year. This workshop will include: • teaching approaches for mentor texts that enable critical reflection • analysis of the prescribed texts for the English Advanced course with suggested teaching emphases, moving from reading to writing. Use this warning as a stimulus for a piece of persuasive, discursive or imaginative writing that expresses your perspective about a significant concern or idea that you have engaged with in ONE of your prescribed texts from Module A, B or C. Example A is fairly straightforward. New module that develops the skills taught in ‘Reading to Write’ How many texts in Year 12? The selection of texts for Module C: The Craft of Writing does not contribute to the required pattern of prescribed texts for the course. As we have discussed, The Craft of Writing is quite different from the other three Year 12 Modules. (8 marks). This side of the English learning journey is much like learning the basics of an instrument and reading music. The Module Rubric documents explain the expectations and requirements that students need to address. “Students appreciate, examine and analyse at least two short prescribed texts as well as texts from their own wide reading, as models and stimulus for the development of their own complex ideas and written expression.”. NESA. As a student, it's important that you do not see this resource as a substitute for the coursework you have been completing with your teacher and peers. Students consider purpose, audience and context to deliberately shape meaning. “The climax hits close to the very end of the story. The second part requires you to justify your literary or imaginative choices by connecting them back to the text that you have studied. It is focused on developing the technical and aesthetic skills involved with writing a variety of text types. In your response, focus on ONE literary device or stylistic feature that you have used in part (a). This section will require you to engage in some analysis as well as a reflection statement. Get our latest COVID-19 advice • strategies for linking Module C texts for English Standard to other texts, including prescribed texts and further wide reading Webinar 4: Thursday: August 2nd 4:30 – 6:00 pm Assessment & Examinations in Module C: Teaching writing craft for transfer. This is the module that relies heavily on improvisation and your ability to think on the spot, more so than others.
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