If you … but online when I watch speedruns they often go through Undead Burg and fight the Taurus Demon. 8 years ago. This NPC is located in the basement of the old church, a disused building that connects the Undead Parish with the Darkroot Garden. He can do standard upgrades until +5, to get to +6-10, you first must get access to the lower Undead Burg by getting the Basement Key fron the corpse at the gate behind the Armored Tusk (The giant boar in case you don't know its name). It is also possible to summon Solaire of Astora before the Belfry Gargoyles encounter. After my first long and grueling run through the Burg and Parish I was beaten down and low on health. I usually go New Londo --> Valley of Drakes --> Darkroot Basin --> Andre --> Undead Parish --> Gargoyles. ". Once you have everything you need, head to Andre in the Undead Parish and give him the Very Large Ember. The Undead Burg leads to quite a few important areas, but the main thing you need to do here is ring the first Bell of Awakening. Start by reinforcing the Crystal Halberd to … For Dark Souls on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "would it be worth it to give the undead parish blacksmith my large ember? He will repair and upgrade your weapons and armor for a fee of souls and materials. Take the aqueduct shortcut back to Firelink, then go to the Parish. Important NPC's are the Blacksmith Andre of Astora, Oswald of Carim and Knight Lautrec of Carim. The Bell is at the top of the church, which you’ll find close to the bonfire where you find Blacksmith Andre. He also sells Titanite Shards, Smithing Boxes for weapons and armor, a Repairbox for use at bonfires, and assorted weaponry. Head to the top of the church and run past the horde of enemies, and eventually, you’ll find the fog gate. Undead Parish is an area in Dark Souls that carries over from the Undead Burg. From Firelink, ride the shortcut elevator to the Parish, and Andre can fix you right up. Starshine_M2A2. Being on edge, I cautiously made my way forward to find the source of the sound. Keep going up to Undead Parish, light the bonfire above Andre the Blacksmith, and use the elevator shortcut back to the shrine; Pick up the Undead Asylum F2 West Key from the roof and take a quick return flight back to Undead Asylum to get the Rusted Iron Ring The Undead Parish is connected to the Darkroot Garden, Sen's Fortress, Undead Burg and Firelink Shrine. In the distance I heard a rhythmic hammering sound. Return to the blacksmith Andre of Astora in the Undead Parish. From the middle of Blighttown, alternately, backtrack to the Depths, which arguably isn't a very difficult area if you can avoid the rats. Anyway, the latest piece I finished is Andre’s shop located in the Undead Parish. ... and down the stairs again to meet Andre the Blacksmith. - Andre of Astora in the Undead Parish - Vamos in the Catacombs - Rickert of Vinheim at the beginning of the New Londo Ruins - the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo. The first blacksmith, Andre, in the Undead Parish is the NPC who does the Standard, Raw, Divine, and Occult upgrades.
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