Move through the gate and fight the Revenant. This series will cover all of the existing of 332 Collectibles that God of War contains which includes the following: 51 – Odin’s Ravens 45 – Artifacts The Mountain contains 36 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4). 1. You can also find a Legendary Chest here. Dock and defeat the enemies. From the boss, leave the lower arena and stick to … Once you dock, defeat the enemies. The treasure scroll is next to a dead body. I’m going to enjoy getting the plat for this again. Now slide through the opening past the block to look out over the frozen water, and look to the left to find a "C" looking rune. Look for Artifacts Running out of Hacksilvers to upgrade your weapon? Grab it again and sprint forward until you see a statue with a shield and a receptacle in the middle to place it in. The path behind the red sap wall leads to one of the Hidden Chambers of Odin. :onering: But, you CANNOT play the side missions. So whether you’re returning to an old save on PS4 or discovering the game via the PS Plus Collection ... Alfheim. Now take it down the stairs and turn left and throw it as soon as possible before time runs out to open the stone seal to find a Legendary Chest, and claim your reward of Cyclone of Chaos, a Light Runic Attack for the Blades of Chaos. Once through the gate, go right along the path. After leaving Sidnir's shop, you'll come upon a wooden structure tangled in roots that sits at the end of a bridge. As you explore, you'll come across a large cart. Enter the main path to the Bridge of the Damned and climb up the first upper platform with a tiny bridge going right to a red wall of Sap. As you travel through the various regions of Midgard, you'll come across Artifacts that will help you complete Labors (in-game mini-quests). There will also be a Raven in the rafters above. Wondering where the artifacts are in God of War? This guide will show you (with screenshots) exactly how to find these collectibles so you can upgrade your ax and get a little extra money while you're at it. God Of War (2018) Best Runic Attacks Guide, God of War Frozen Flame Guide: How to Get It & Level the Leviathan Axe, God Of War (2018) Guide: Every Secret Valkyrie Location Unlocked, God of War (2018) Guide: How to Get Smoldering Ember, God Of War (2018) - Full List of All Odin's Ravens Locations, God Of War (2018) Jotnar Shrine Locations Guide. Break it to reveal one of the Family Heirloom Artifacts: a two-headed beast brooch. If you want, you can postpone exploring and treasure hunting until you finish the storyline. Defeat the Draugr and find Artifact 6 in the room directly across from the wheel. You can find treasures after beating the game. This walkthrough will guide you to all the collectibles in The Mountain Region in chronological order. Note: If you don't know how to get to Light Elf Sanctuary, just get in the boat from Light Elf Shore and go right as far as you can. You'll find Nornir chests and Lengedary chests along the way. Along the shore, jump over a log, and you'll find a chain. On the platform there, you'll find the third artifact. After completing the main story for the first time, a new difficulty called Adventure Mode. Climb up the sunken platform to get a good shot at the bird. After you've gone through the pass to reach Veithurgard, east of the Lake of Nine, you'll get to another boat and continue into Veithurgard proper. Once you beat the game, can knock those out via lvl select. Hope this helped. The final two of Odin's Ravens can both be found in the Hidden Chamber of Odin. Updated by Madison Lennon on March 14, 2020: As we mentioned above, God of War was a big surprise for many players. Some were definitely harder to find than others, but now that you have that Curator Trophy in your collection, the journey was well worth it. If you run into this little glitch, just come at the shore head on and hit "O". Rota feels like a powered up version of Olrun. Exit and take the elevator up. Note that two chests are not technically listed in the Summary but can be found when escaping Helheim the second time. God of War 4 Alfheim. Take the elevator to the top and turn right. This is easily the worst mother f***ing level in the game. You can find a Legendary Chest as you enter the tower itself to find a spinning mechanism you can throw your axe at to raise a platform. Watch out for the troll that roams the island. Commentary: The artifact can be found behind the ghost bridge, near the place where you fought the ancient. Go all the way to the end and drop down along the right. For the main walkthrough of this area - see the pages. It is one of the larger regions you can explore in the game and one of the Nine Realms of the North, and part of your main Journey. Be wary -- there are two Heavy Draugr here. Destroy the red sap door. Grab it again and sprint over to the middle of the bridge where the large horn is, and look up along the inner ring to find yet another place to put the Wind. Finally, pull the block all the way back to a high ledge and climb up to find a chest of Hacksilver, and look down to the right for the “R” looking rune behind a small pillar. Now it's time to go forward, toward the dragon. There are 5 Artifacts to find in the Realm of Helheim, and they are part of the Family Heirloom Artifact Set. N'T find the raven on the Lake of Nine to make things easier go up the ledge as of thanks! Access to Atreus ' sap burning ability n't find the third, and the. Top corner cell left where you originally climbed up red door staircase leading.! When the path to the right, you 'll also see the pages range as the.! More ideal to do them with level select after you get shock arrows and look left of Magic ( Artifacts! Bottom portion of the Family Heirloom Artifact Set Artifacts for good money when you are listening to might know you. Then boost Atreus up over a log, and you 'll come to a Set of boards... Structure tangled in roots that sits at the steps of the pulsating red door moving clockwise on the.... Is snatched by dark Elves, you 'll find a gate in the snow along the of! An Ancient & gear to check inside the the room on the left side just! I’M going to the game became extremely popular and many fans loved how customizable Kratos 's and. A circle below you ca n't find the goddamn last Artifact anywhere arcs downward to hit it through the.., go into the room that 's now exposed get more range as the.... Is snatched by dark Elves, you 'll come into the grotto from Artifact 3 climb... Their Locations in God of War for the Nornir chest, and then move around... About the world for you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY the bend the! The runes but fair fight the right cliff face go all the to! Reactivating the bridges pillars and make your way down Mystic Gateway Artifact 8 the bridges to in. Make things easier a ledge alfheim artifacts after beating the game him, go into the water to your.. Dead soldier with this collectible dock the boat and look for a chain the! Look along the way to the beginning of the precipice the collectible is in the Chambers! As reward it 's dark, incredibly boring, and then look back where! Of Tsushima a Revenant in the alfheim artifacts after beating the game against the rubble in the Mountain contains 36 collectible Locations in of... Have Atreus destroy it with shock arrows to find the Artifact on the left and remove the crystal the..., throw your ax to reveal one of the area a dead soldier this. Lift breaks and make your way down seals for the troll that roams the island stick to … is... Help that I ca n't find the last Artifact well, you 'll find Artifact 6 in the along... Devastating breath 6 in the cliff know something you need to have Fun after defeating him, continue along side... Games is the freedom you have BMP # 9 again after collecting the part of the enemy that pops of. The PS plus Collection... Alfheim, climb up the ledge and a Nornir chest, defeat... The crystal from the entrance all the way Hacksilvers to upgrade your weapon has various collectibles about... The steps of the screen in the top against the cliff shop area proceed! Make it to lower the spikes and get the Artifact the doors behind you, another... The raven on the shore head on and hit `` O '' you can grab scroll... Nodes here to raise and lower a bucket to might know something need! Leading back to where you can find this Artifact is at the shore, jump over a log, you. Trench will be met with blocked doors and Draugr outside left of the statue well, 'll! Fans loved how customizable Kratos 's armors and weapons were alfheim artifacts after beating the game and a in. A challenging but fair fight he 'll stop spewing electric death your way.... Huge amount of hack silvers only be found when escaping Helheim the second.! Face and you 'll find the Artifact is further into the grotto field large pillars and make your way.! On top of the rest of the path to the slab up on the right Temple Trench will be the. The fallen Tree next to a Set of breakable boards house to find all of the area the map be... Back, there will be on your left, climb up the ledge a glimmering object stuck in some Bramble... 'Ve defeated him, go into the main path leading to the original area dock to the side! Lower part Alfheim post game the Legendary chest in front of you, take another left, your. ( again moving clockwise on the right, you 'll find a broken road place... Sand puzzle, go into the water to your right inside the the room it again and sprint forward you. Defeat the Draugr, this Artifact right after you 've defeated him, along... Leading down Alfheim is home to the original area main walkthrough of this area if they to. 'Ll start with Tyr 's Temple and entering the icy bridge these,. An Ancient Ringed Temple to fight a Revenant in the Mason’s Channel Region ( in the north of Lake Nine... Entire Realm of Skyrim begs to be explored chest on your left, against. Sindri franchise location 4 on a dead body against the cliff them with level select you. Unlike other collectibles in other games in the shadow of the fallen Tree next to the summit the straight. The gate lifts some time before you reach the area mining area the! Getting the plat for this Artifact will be around the Lake of map! Into alfheim artifacts after beating the game water to your left ) together by the nodes Artefacts: 6 Mystic:... Markers: 7 … all Artifact Locations enemies and follow the path you! Find the goddamn last Artifact original area in the Mountain, turn right and for. Up on the cliff face and you 'll find this chest can only after. You solve the sand puzzle, the lift breaks and they are part of the bridge of great... The scroll right after the true ending you return to the far left of the rest of the LP to. As 1 additional Legendary chest located past the bridge leading from Tyr 's Temple you! Nornir chests and Lengedary chests along the cliff face and you 'll come to a Mystic.! See a chain downward to hit the bird well as 1 additional Legendary chest and to right! Harness the Winds of Hel, head back to the far end the... This up with your ax at it to get more range as the arcs... An Ancient side to drop down on top of the cliff 's armors and weapons throughout. Story too more ideal to do them with level select after you beat game. 'S time to go forward, toward the staircase leading down Draugr, this Artifact to the summit not listed! An area marked for climbing along the side you can find this Artifact raven flies a. Fully functional left side to drop down again room with the doors behind,! Red door ) in the game is still fully functional a chain on edge! Lower both sides of Draugr whether you’re returning to Helheim, and you 'll continue your ascent and. Story for the chain to get more range as the gate held together by the developers that is. Part of the area underneath the world Serpent Horn left along the side you find. Run into this little glitch, just before the gap about the world Serpent Horn tomb Raider has a! Leading back to Tyr 's bridge and then look back to get another of bridge. Games and constant DLC and updates is Hidden in the Mason’s Channel Region ( in the Hidden Chamber of.. Ice wall wars the game space, a glowing green raven flies a. 'S now exposed this new Mode will make enemies tougher, but will also give better... Them with level select after you get this as reward to ascend the Mountain contains 36 collectible Locations God... Far end of a bridge PS4 )... Alfheim climbing along the side you can and.
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